Friday, June 11, 2010

Kuantan Open 2010

Kuantan Open 2010

Kindly register early to avoid any inconvinience.

MSSM 2010 - Latest Update For Pahang

Thanks to Muhammad Arshad, check the crosstable result posted at Catur Terengganu's Blog
Team U-18G :

Team U-18B :

Team U-15G :

Team U-15B :

Team U-12B :

Team U-12G :

For the Individual Result :
U-18G : 12th place - Izzatul Amirah (3.5 points)
27th place - Awnie Azzahra (1.5 points)
U-18B : 5th place - Sumant Subramaniam (5 points)
7th place - Khairilhelmi Rosseli (4.5 points)
U-15G : 4th place - Sarika Subramaniam (5 points)
17th place - Ho Ying Rou (3 points)
U-15B : 19th place - Amirul Azwan (3 points)
20th place - Ahmad Aiman (3 points)
U-12G : 26th place - Khausalya (2 points)
27th place - Nurul Ain (1 point)
U-12B : 5th place - Shreyes Subramaniam (5 points)

MSSM 2010

Today, the final round of MSSM 2010 is currently ongoing.

The pairing for the Team event :
U-12B Pahang vs Sarawak (Pahang with 5MP playing on table 6)
U-15B Pahang vs Wilayah Persekutuan (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 3)
U-18B Negeri Sembilan vs Pahang (Pahang with 4MP playing on table 7)
U-12G Pahang vs Perlis (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 5)
U-15G Pahang vs Kedah (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 4)
U-18G Pahang vs Sabah (Pahang with 6MP playing on table 5)

I am more interested in knowing the personal board standings as I want to know who is the top scorer for the team of Pahang, and who are their opponents. The statistics and analysis is important if Pahang Team wishes to improve their standings in future MSSM. Coz the standing currently is not impressive.

In the individual event :
U-12B Aziz Abidin (TRG 4 points) vs Shreyes (4 points) - Table 4
In this category Yeoh Li Tian (SEL) is the sole leader with 5.5 points, trailing behind is Harlief (WP) - 5 points, Subramanian (NS) - 4.5 points.

U-15B Table 11 : Nestor (SBH 2 points) vs Amirul Azwan (2 points)
Table 12 : Ahmad Aiman (2 points) vs Nurhazman (MEL 2 points)
Yeap Eng chiam (WP) the defending champ look strong with 5.5 points, while Roshan (SEL) with 5 points, and Daniel Iskandar (JHR) with 4.5 points.

U-18B Table 4 : Boey Jin Huey (WP 4 points) vs Sumant (4 points)
Table 6 : Samuel Chan (WP 3 points) vs Khairilhelmi (3.5 points)
Mohd Nabil (SEL) looking good with 5 points, however followed closely behind is his last round opponent Jeppy Tewelu (SBH) with 4.5 points, Fong Yit San (PRK) also 4.5 points, Syakir (SEL) 4.5 points and NM Evan Timothy (4.5 points).

U-12G Table 11 : Khausalya (2 points) vs Nurul Amirah (SBH 2 points)
Table 13 : Putri Nurul (JHR 2 points) vs Nurul Ain (1 points)
Putri Rifqah (SEL) and Nur Najiha (SEL) both with 5.5 points. Siti Khadijah (TRG) with 4.5 points, NWM Tan Li Ting (WP), Teh De Zen (PP), Nithyalaksmi (NS) all with 4 points.

U-15G Table 4 : Lim Yu Chia (PP 4 points) vs Sarika (4 points)
Table 7 : Nurlyana (JHR 3 points) vs Ho Ying Rou (3 points)
Amira Syamina (SEL) and Nur Nabila (SEL) both leading with 5 points, Nur Hidayah (MEL) 4.5 points,

U-18G Table 7 : Yeong Cui Qi (JHR 3 points) vs Izzatul (3 points)
Table 14 : Awnie Azzahra (1.5 points) vs Ngoh Xiu Yan (SBH 0.5 points)
NWM Alia Anin (MEL) looks strong to win the title with 5.5 points, Winnie Hong (SEL) and Olivia (WP) trailing with 5 points.

ASEAN Age Group, Subic 2010

Received this sms from Haslindah,

In U-10B (classical event) Malaysian - Amier Hamzah won the silver medal! The organiser will confirm later whether Amier Hamzah will receive the Candidate Master (CM) title or not. Today, will start the Rapid event of 7 rounds.

Congrats Amier Hamzah!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kuantan Open 2010

Kuantan Open 2010

Kindly register early to avoid any problems.

Subic and MSSM 2010

At this current point, the heat of chess is everywhere! I am supposed to help Haslindah blogging info for ASEAN Age Group currently held in Subic, Phillipines. She did send pictures to me, but I am too busy finishing up so many things before I left for National Closed next week and attending courses in KL right after the tourney (hectic! yeah..). But to honour the promise, I'll post the picture soon.

In Subic, Malaysia is represented by NM Edward Lee, NJM Tariq Amru and Mark Siew in U-20 Boys. Lim Win Sen is our sole rep in U-14, Amier Hamzah in U-10B, Muhd Faqih Aminuddin in U-8B, Nur Faqihan Aminuddin in U-10G, and Zainoor Ikmal Maisarah Noor Akbar in the U-8G category. The chef de mission is Puan Haslindah while Mr Raymond Siew acted as the Mind Coach for the contingent.

Current standings after round 5 : U-20 B - Edward Lee - 4th (3.5 points), Tariq Amru - 22nd (2 points), Mark Siew - 30th (1 point).
U-14 B - Lim Win Sen,
U-10B - Amier Hamzah,
U-8B - Muhd Faqih,
U-10G - Nur Faqihah,
U-8G - Zainoor Maisarah,

More info and news you can follow hairulov and fireyrook

While on MSSM news, it is really hard to get the updates. I did browse thru mssm2010 (thanks Mr Gilocatur for the updates), but it seems the internet connection is slow making it hard for him to update further. This is the report on Pahang contingent as reported by Cikgu Syed Roslie via sms:

After round 4, U-18B Sumant - 2.5 points, Khairilhelmi - 3 points
U-18G Izatul - 3 points
U-15G Sarika - 3 points
U-12B Shreyes - 3 points
Pahang under age teams seems to be at a slow pace currently. Lets just hope they will catch up with better placing later on.

It is too early too tell who will crown this year MSSM champ, but some players did show the domination in his/her category, for the names like Yeoh Li Tian (U-12B), Nur Najiha (U-12G),Nur Nabila, Amira Syahmina (U-15G), Alia Anin Azwa (U-18G). In Team events, for some category, it looks like KL and Selangor is very much likely hold the title again.

All the best to Pahang players!

Monday, June 07, 2010

MSSM 2010

MSSM 2010 starts today until 11th June at Putra Palace, Kangar Perlis. I am still waiting if i can find/read any updates on that, I juz hope we have bloggers there reporting the event.

What i want to share with the readers is that, I just found out that the MSSPahang contingent left to Perlis yesterday at 1pm! imagine what time will they arrive at Perlis? During my years of staying at Perlis, it took me 12 hours to go there from Kuantan. Today, it may take less than that, but still it is a long and tired journey to the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia!

The game starts at 3pm today, and I do hope the players have enough rest before the game start. As a player myself first round is an important round, as the the first round score gives you the implication whether you are ready for the tournament or not.

Nonetheless, I wish all the best to the squad 2010!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

AGM of Persatuan Catur Daerah Kuantan

Date : 26th of June
Time : 12.30pm
Venue : Bilik Mesyuarat Dewan KRT Berjaya Permai

The above the schedule of the annual meeting (AGM) of Persatuan Catur Daerah Kuantan. All members (new or old) are invited to the meeting. We encourage all members to come and show your support by voting for the new AJK at the meeting and also by contributing your ideas and support towards a better chess in Kuantan and Pahang!

To the parents out there that have put many efforts in realising the children ambition for chess, please be there and be part of the Persatuan for the benefit of your children.

I'll be attending the meeting too! so, see you there!

Rapid Terbuka Kuantan 26-27/6/2010

Annoucement made by Persatuan Catur Daerah Kuantan (PCDK), there will be a chess tournament held on the 26th - 27th June 2010 at Dewan KRT Berjaya Permai (the same venue where they had a tournament last August). It is an open event, where champion will be awarded RM500!

The tournament will be a 7 rounds swiss system with a time control of 30 minutes each. The entry fee will be :

RM15 (PCDK member)
RM25 (Non-member)

RM10 (PCDK member)
RM20 (Non-member)

For more info and queries, or for registration, kindly contact :
En Nordin - 012 - 9017143
En Kamal Azmi - 019-9142787 / 019-9282787
En Asman - 013 - 9517615

The closing date for registration will be on the 24th June 2010 by 5pm.

How to make the payment :
1. Payment can be made by hand to the above AJK or
2. Payment can be banked-in to Bank Islam (M) Bhd account no. 06019010084317 under the name PERSATUAN CATUR DAERAH KUANTAN (please keep the bank slip and show it upon the registration day at the registration counter)