Sunday, April 11, 2010

KL Open 2010

Lucky me! I never really like to go outstation coz, going outside meaning that i have to sacrifice valuable time off teaching chess, but this time when my boss tells me that I need to attend an important meeting on behalf of him in Kelana Jaya on friday, I was jumped up and down! :-))

Why? coz in while in KL, I can catch the glimpse of Hou Yifan the female third ranked in the world, also a chess prodigy hailed from China who cause the sensation of becoming the runner-up in the world chess championship! (she lost to Alexandra Kosteniuk in the final). Not to mention, to meet friends there and to catch live the endings played in seconds of the time remaining is something that i enjoyed the most. Well, being at KL Open does takes me off the stress from the results of the meetings and what i must tabled back at the office on monday.