Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Kepada semua pembaca muslim blog SetiaChess, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Berpuasa di Bulan Ramadhan.

Untuk pengetahuan pengunjung Setia Chess Centre yang telah memulakan operasi semenjak 7hb Ogos 2010, Centre akan menutup operasi pada hari-hari biasa, dan hanya akan dibuka pada hari sabtu dan ahad sahaja dari jam 10am - 4pm. Operasi pada tengah malam akan dibuka pada hujung minggu, hanya atas permintaan sahaja.

Harap maklum.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3rd Kuantan Master Rapid Junior Chess Championship

Full result you can view at Terengganu chess Association.

And I thank you to all the 134 participants this year!!

A big appreciation to SMK Clifford for sending 23 players and SK Batu Tiga for sending 26 players in total!!! Thank you!!

3rd Kuantan Master Rapid Junior Chess Championship

The above tournament juz ended last sunday (8/8/10) with a newly crowned champion. Apology to all readers that have been waiting for the results. I couldnt post it earlier as I am too tired after the tournament, it has been hectic week for me and last night was the post mortem meeting.

I am dissappointed because this is my third year handling the tournament and still there many flaws during the events. Honestly, I am sad. But I am determine to make it better next year, if it still doesnt work out like what i expected it to be, I will resign as the tournament director for the Kuantan Junior Master event. I have this big dream about this event for juniors as I want the juniors to be able to stand tall with the seniors too! But I guess, my dream is too big.

Congratulations to Muhd Qhaider Zulkafli, 18 years old from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) for winning this third edition! He did well winning all 6 games and drew once with Sharif Mohd Zaki. Before the last round game, he knew if he drew with the sole leader at that time, Nur Aina Syamimi, he will be denied the champion, coz Aina only needed the draw to get the title. But Qhaider fought hard that last round and win (in earlier round, Aina cause a sensation with an upset against top seed from UMP - Husaini). He brought home his name on the Challenge Trophy, Cash RM100, Gold medal winner, Hamper and Certificate of achievement. Congrats also to the silver medallist Anis Nasuha Mohd Fekry from SBP Integrasi Kuantan, with 6 points overall. Bronze medal goes to Sharif Mohd Zaki from Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang who also score 6 points. He drew twice to secure his place.

Here goes the overall winner from each age group category :
Under 9 Boys :
Gold - Zulkarnain Safri (SK Kg Aur, Rompin) - 5 points
Silver - Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi (SK Sg Isap) - 4.5 points
Bronze - Muhd Hazid Ekquan (SK Batu Tiga) - 3 points
Bronze - Mohd Faris Firdaus B Sabri (SK Batu Tiga) - 2.5 points
Bronze - Muhd Amirul Hafizi (SK Batu Tiga) - 2.5 points

Under 9 Girls :
Gold - Nur Aqilah Aishah Bt Rosseli (SK Assunta) - 4 points
Silver - Nurfatin Mohd Fakri (SK Mat Kilau) - 3.5 points
Bronze - Nur Fatin farzana Mohd Idrus (SK Batu Tiga) - 2.5 points
Bronze - Siti Balqis Sakinah Bt Norizan - 2 points
Bronze - Nurfarah Hanim Bt M. Fadzil (SK Batu Tiga) - 1 points

Under 12 Boys :
Gold - Muhd Muzakkir Aiman Nazri (SK Jaya Gading) - 4.5 points
Silver - Suhaimi Ash'ari (under the patron of SMK Clifford, Kuala Lipis) - 4 points
Bronze - Lukma Hakim Romael (SK Batu Tiga) - 4 points
Bronze - Muhd Asyraf B Nazairi (SK Batu Tiga) - 4 points
Bronze - Muhd Nur Adha B Azman (under the patron of SMK Clifford, Kuala Lipis) - 4 points

Under 12 Girls :
Gold - Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman (SK Teruntum) - 4.5 points
Silver - Nur Syahirah Rokeman (under the patron of SMK Clifford, Kuala Lipis) - 4 points
Bronze - Nur Nadia Mohd Nawi (SK Assunta) - 4 points
Bronze - Nurhasya Mohd Fakri (SK Mat Kilau) - 4 points
Bronze - Nurul Aishah bt Awang (SK Batu Tiga) - 3.5 points

Under 16 Boys :
Gold - Ng Zheng Ann (SM Abdul Rahman Talib) - 6 points
Silver - Muhd Firdaus Afiq Asman (SM Sultan Abu Bakar) - 6 points
Bronze - Ahmad Khairulamin Bin Zamri - 6 points
Bronze - Muhd Yusuff B Ismail (SMK Paya Besar) - 5.5 points
Bronze - Ridhwan Alias (MRSM Kuantan) - 5 points

Under 16 Girls :
Gold - Anis Nasuha Mohd Fekry (SBP Integrasi Kuantan) - 6 points
Silver - Nur Aina Syamimi Mohd Nazri (SM Abdul Rahman Talib) - 6 points
Bronze - Atiq Nadhirah Mohd Fekry (MRSM Kuantan) - 5 points
Bronze - Nur Amalina Alyaa Mohd Ridzal (SMK Tg Panglima Perang Tg Muhammad) - 5 points
Bronze - Meggan Lee (SM Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah) - 5 points

Under 20 Boys :
Gold - Muhd Qhaider Zulkafli (UMP) - 6.5 points
Silver - Sharif Mohd Zaki (KMP) - 6 points
Bronze - Muhd Husaini Hasnul (UMP) - 5.5 points
Bronze - Mohamad Azmir Osman (SMK Clifford Kuala Lipis) - 5.5 points
Bronze - Mohd Yusof B Abdullah (UMP) - 5 points

Under 20 Girls :
Gold - Siti Ros Aishah Bt Rosli (UMP) - 4.5 points
Silver - Nurul Amilin B Mohyin (MRSM Mersing Johor) - 4 points
Bronze - Syuhada Sulaiman (SMK Paya Besar) - 3 points

Congratulations again to the winners! See you again next year!