Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Women at DATMO 2009

Pic left : the second best ladies of DATMO - WIM Zhang Xiaowen. She got her WGM and IM Norm at DATMO
Pic right : WFM Helen Miligan

Pic left : Li Panru
Pic right : WGM Atousa Pourkashiyan

Pic left : WIM Ghaderpour
Pic right : the best ladies at DATMO, also currently no. 1 player in her home - UZB, WIM Nafisa Muminova, she got her WGM and IM norm in this event.

Pic left : WGM Irene Sukandar
Pic right : Xu Huahua

Pic left : Emma Guo
Pic right : Kadek Dwijayanti

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Top Players at DATMO 2009

Try not to waste the effort of taking the pic of the fav, it is not easy taking pic of them as they tend to hide their face in the first 5 min. Luckily got Haslindah's and Andrew's camera.. :-))

Pic left : He was once, one of the world's youngest GM - Negi Parimarjan from India in focus of his game.
Pic right : In his last round match against Senador. He annotates his last game against Senador. click :

And Negi is the Champ for 2009, and received the prizes from Dato' Tan himself.

The crowd requesting him to lift the trophy like the previous champ.. but I think the pic on the right where he poses was much better looking :-))

Pic left : notice the brightness of this pic.. err.. well.. i accidently take it with the flash is on... i felf so embarrased at that time, as everyone esp the players gave me "that" look... I later on apologised to the players...
Pic right : GM Ehsan is well attired for the closing in this final round

Pic left : GM Marat Dzhumaev
Pic right : GM Li Chao

Pic left : GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son
Pic right : Yu Yangyi

Pic left : GM Gerhard Schebler
Pic right : GM Nguyen Anh Dung

Pic left : GM Ziaur Rahman
Pic right : GM Darwin Laylo

Pic left : GM Saidali
Pic right : GM Susanto Megaranto

Pic left : Senador Emmanuel
Pic right : Ambank Champ - Samson Lim

Pic left : IM Sriram Jha
Pic right : Gao Rui

The opening game was officiated by Dato Tan by making the first move on behalf of Xie Deshun against GM Ehsan.

The Malaysians At DATMO and Ambank - Some Pics

Pic left : FM Mok Tze Meng
Pic right : Zamahari Abg Draup

Pic left : Amier Hamzah Muhd Zuhri (Ambank)
Pic right : Lavinya Naidu (Ambank)

Pic left : IM Jimmy Liew
Pic right : Aaron Chua

Pic left : Tan Khai Boon
Pic right : from left - Abdullah Che Hassan, Ismail Ahmad

Pic left : Lim Kian Hwa
Pic right : Heng Fook Liang (Ambank)

Pic left : Renitha vs Tan Li Ting (Ambank)
Pic right : Nur Najiha vs Tan Li Ting (Ambank)

Pic left : Ooi Li Tao vs Roel (Ambank)
Pic right : FM Lim Yee Weng

**There are other Malaysians taking part in both DATMO and Ambank, but the above is all the pic that I could capture during the events. I am truly sorry.**

DATMO Dinner Night

Dinner was held at the same Cititel Ballroom on monday (24/8/09). It is merely a fund raising dinner, whereby Dato' Tan's friends and family bought the tables and came to the dinner.Not just that Dato' Tan's speech also voice out the fact that he really honestly wanted the chess atmosphere to goes on as long as possible with sufficient funding, and stressed out that how he wish his children would understand his ambition of our chess scene. It was a touching moment for me there, how a father who has given everything to his children expect nothing more from them but a little understanding about ones passion for chess. I think I understood what my parents wants from me as their daughter...just like the old saying, a parent can take care 10 children, but not one children can take care of one parent. The dinner starts with introduction of the GMs coming to DATMO (ah well as usual, only DATMO were given free invitation to the dinner).

Pic left : from left Florencio Campamanes, Dato' Tan, Lawrence How. The last time I saw Lawrence was in the early 90s, where he was still in the MCF. He was passionate about chess back then. After MCF he is active in the formation of Manchester United Fan Club. I have been there once in the 90s, it was a small place at that time.. now it is popular attraction to all Malaysians - MU fans!
Pic right : Dato' Tan introducing 2 young Malaysian talents at the dinner, Tan Li Ting and Yeoh Li Tian. Dato' Tan asking the fellow businessmen at the dinner to sponsor these 2 kids to become our first GM and WGM one day!

The VIPs attending the dinner

En Hamid, the MC for the night, and Dato Tan with his friends

Pic left : I only recognised from left Lim Chong - the former chess columnist of Malay Mail newspaper in the 90s.
Pic right : Haslindah with Mr Victor - MCF First secretary!

Pic left : DATMO Chief Arbiter - En Najib with wife.
Pic right : Our Gilachess Blogger looking good in red Batik Shirt

The atmosphere of the dinner.