Wednesday, November 18, 2009

World Youth Chess Championship 2009

Back in my days (when I was the National Junior Player), the tournament is called World Junior Chess Championship, but since I started my chess career at the late age, I only get the chance to compete in the U-16 girls and U-18 girls and in the Asian Junior event for U-20... Back then U-10 was introduced in 1991. Later on U-8 was included.

Today, categories ranging from U-8 to U-18 is held in the same venue at Antalya, Turkey and the name is called World Youth Chess Championship (for U-20 the tournament is call World Junior Chess Championship and it will held in a different date and venue).

This year, we had representatives in most of the categories except for the U-16 Girls, U-18 and U-18 Girls (If the readers are wondering how the National Juniors are selected to represent the country, well, the results are based from this year National Age Group).

U-8 are : Teh De Juan and Amier Hamzah Muhd Zuhrin.
U-8 Girls : Teh De Zen.
U-10 Girls : Nur Najiha Azman Hisham.
U-12 Girls : Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (FIDE Elo 1847) and Camilia Johari.
U-12 : Mohd Irfan Haqqim Azhar.
U-14 Girls : Hoh Tjin Li.
U-14 : Wong Jianwen(FIDE Elo 1905) and Elgin Lee (FIDE Elo 1861)
U-16 : Sumant Subramaniam (FIDE Elo 2064)

What makes me eager to write about this even in this busy hour and I had skip my lunch to update this, is that, one of the player is currently 3rd in ranking after 6th rounds!!! The one that the nation has been talking and stay closed by the monitor watching her game live is none other than NUR NABILA AZMAN HISHAM!

She has scored 5 points from 6 rounds, being unbeaten! She beat all her opponents up to round 4 and drew in her last 2 encounter. What an impressive performance! Those who wants to catch the results can click here .

Here are the results of others in their field after round 6:
U-8 : Teh De Juan - seeded 112 now ranked joined 63 (3 points)
Amier Hamzah - seeded 20 now ranked 15 (4.5 points)
U-8 Girls : Teh De Zen - seeded 73 now ranked joined 35 (3 points)
U-10 Girls : Nur Najiha - seeded 57 now ranked 39 (3 points)
U-12 : Irfan Haqqim - seeded 112 now ranked 103 with 2.5 points
U-14 Girls : Hoh Tjin Li - seeded 86 now joined ranked 88 (1.5 points)
U-14 : Wong Jianwen - seeded 79 now joined ranked 88 (2.5 points)
Elgin Lee - seeded 85 now ranked 78 (3 points)
U-16 : Sumant Subramaniam - seeded 80 now ranked 78 (2.5 points)

Overall, most of the players reached 50% score, juz hope that they can improve the score in the remaining rounds to go.

All the best to all the players!

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