Monday, April 04, 2011

SCC Grand Prix Serie B 23/4/2011

Just a reminder, for those who has register for SCC Grand Prix, Kindly make payment :

1. By cash to Setia Chess Centre - we are open on Tuesday - Friday (8pm-10pm), on Saturday - Sunday (10am - 3pm)
2. By Cheque made payable to Khairunnisa Wahidduddin
3. Or you can banked in to my MBB account 106016376093.

**The first 40 paid registration will be accepted**

**Only 15 places left!**

RIP Larry Parr...

Lately, I have encountered so many passing of the the people that I knew. The first to start, juz found out that my once childhood friend had died of car accident. Then, in 2009 my "adik angkat" passed away of a heart failure at a young age of 33 years old. It has been heartbreaking for me to deal with. And now, my best friend's nephew who currently reside in Vancouver is diagnosed with cancer stage 4 (i juz found about it during the NCC, and he is juz 14 years old! Well I am sad at this point (Muz if u read this, hang in there ok!)...

Last year we heard of the passing of chess enthusiasts whom i had the chance to meet, Florencio Campomanes, then chess columnist, Lim Chong. And today, I juz found out the passing of Larry Parr.

I dont really know Larry Parr as well as En Hamid or En Najib, but i have met him and spoke with him, and he does make jokes when u r around him. And if any of the readers ever visited my chess centre and came accross the book "Never Say I Assume" of Dato Tan Chin Nam. It was co-author by him. RIP Larry Parr.. I am sure he will be missed by all of his friends here in Malaysia.