Monday, March 01, 2010

MWM 2010 - My View On This

I got back to Kuantan at around 1.45am, and get myself to sleep at around 3.30am. Woke up in the morning then go to work, coz my boss told me we have meetings today.. and he ended up EL instead! (hmmm..)

I have been thinking about the Malaysian Women Master 2010, before this I dont want to say much coz, the format is still new and besides who am I to make such comments..

In the 2nd edition of the MWM (this event is going to be held annually), I am hoping that MCF would consider to have this knock out format by giving the players a rest day in the following day. To still keep the format of 2 classical games, ok la.. fine! but if the game goes to tie-break, make the rapid games in the next day. If the lucky player no need to play rapid game, then that player will have the rest day for the day. At least for a player 30+ years old like me, one day rest is important.. I am too old to catch up on marathon play!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

MWM 2010 - The Result

Nabila made it to the Finals and will play against Alia Anin Azwa! So, who will be crowned the 1st Malaysian Women Masters? We can find that out in two weeks time.

It was an exciting MWM, and it has been the talk of the town since the event started. Signing off now, until next time....

MWM 2010 - Semi Final Rapid Game 1

As predicted Nurul lost the first Rapid game to Nabila, but it is worth a try, lets see if she can bounce back to level the rapid and force the game to Armageddon match!

UM Team Open 2010 - The results

Today besides the MWM, there are 2 tournaments that happened on the same day. Seremban Parade Open and the UM Team Open. Gilocatur is doing the coverage of Seremban Open and mychessdiary, but since I got the result from En Hamid about the UM Open, so, better be the first and update :-))

The Champion - SMS Gold
Second - Nameless
Third - Seahorse

Best University - Universiti Malaysia Team 1

Best School - Skylift

MWM 2010 - Semi Final Game 2 - Updates!

Alia Anin Azwa Bakri make a good combination just to secure a draw! This is the first time I saw a combination for the purpose for a draw! But in anyway, a draw is enough to ensure a place in the final that will be schedule later.

Nurul Huda W - Nabila is another different story. When all she need is just a draw, and the position is truly definitely a draw, she made a silly mistake by exchanging her rook and leave her pawn hanging! Making Nabila easy win by gaining a tempo. Now the game will continue in 2 rapid games. I am not sure about this rapid thing, coz as far as I know, my sis is not that good in rapid (unfortunately). We'll see...

MWM 2010 - Semi Final Game 1 Updates!

The game 1 of the semis has ended at 2.30pm. Game 2 will start at 3.30pm as agreed by all 4 players.

The battle between Nurul Huda W and Nur Nabila gives the favour to Nurul Huda. She won with a very interesting tactical play when Nabila made a blunder by taking Nurul's pawn on f5. You can see the analysis at

While Alia vs Fong Mi Yen is also another interesting story, where both still in process in the middle-game, and Alia is in the time trouble. I think Fong Mi Yen, thinks that she could won on time considering Alia only got few minutes left, and overlook the position thus giving Alia a one piece advantage. And eventually Alia won the first game.

The next game will be an interesting game to watch coz, both the losers in game 1 will surely give all out to win the game, and force the rapid 2 games. So, we shall see...

MWM 2O1O - Quarter Finals

Eight players fighting in the quarter finals :
Nurul Huda W - Fadzilah W
Fong Mi Yen - Amira Syamina Zullkafli
Khairunnisa - Nur Nabila Azman Hisham
Alia Anin Azwa Bakri - Tan Li Ting

All games played were like the finals! except for Nurul and Fadzilah. Since there are siblings people can already expect the result, just like the game between Nabila and Najihah a day before.

On the other hand, Alia and Li Ting drew their game, but in the second game, Alia make full used of the blunder made by Li Ting by letting Alia's Rook controlling the c-file and thus blocking the Bishop c-8 movement, and the Rook on a8. Li Ting resigned later on and Alia advance to Semis.

Amira's game with Fong Mi Yen, the first game Mi Yen made a Bishop's sacrifice and it works! So she won the first game classical. The second game, Amira put all out and was in an advantage to win it. But I guess she was too scared to make a ultimate decision and it cost her the game. The game ended in a draw, and Mi Yen qualify to semis.

My game between Nabila was a tiring game for me, I knew if we go to the rapid then I be in trouble coz the last time I play rapid was in the Merdeka last year, and the last before that was the previous merdeka event! Nabila had all the advantage for being more experience than me (and she did make full use of it. But since I am there to play, I might as well give a fight and enjoy myself. And I did, even though I lost the game but to play and give a fight it was something that I am looking forward. Coz I never wanted to go home and still thinking about the game. I won the first classical game, and blew the second classical. The first rapid ended up in a draw, and I lost the second rapid. Though my brothers made fun of me and my silly mistakes in a position that I could have won, but we laugh all night talking about it, at least if i didnt go through the semis, I gave my siblings the show that made all us on fire into more chess after this. See, there is always a bright side in everything that God destined for!

I knew that in my shoutbox as well as others shoutbox and blog people are talking about the MWM. Some in a good way, and some in a negative side. But I have been there, playing and kibitz the game. For all the 16 players they have played their best in the competition, all games were all the best game ever for them to have played in their life. Let me put it this way, all that came here, all came for a reason. A reason to qualify to represent Malaysia and be acknowledge as to be the best in the Women field. This is the first edition, so it is always controversy in players selection, well nobody's perfect, but there are always room to improve and I bet MCF will look through and considering all the comments made by all.

Whoever the players are, all were fighting like it is the finals, some even spend the more than 12 hours at DATCC just to play until the end (since it is a knock out round. And I too were one of the players that were put in the situation.

If the comments said that "what so good about the battle between siblings" "favoritism"- for the guests that said that, you just have to be at DATCC for yourself and feel the excitement, the joy and the frustration. In either way, whether the players are good players or the bad players, at least they are willing to take part and play. And the good news is - All of Malaysians is talking about the MWM!!!

An applaude and appreciation to the main sponsor, a generous to the malaysian chess scene that wants to see the the development of Women in Chess, Mr Sirajuddin. A token of RM5O each to the players for juz entering the top 16, RM1OO for entering the Quarter Final, RM 2OO for the semis, RM3OO to the runner up and RM 5OO to the champion, therefore a total of RM2OOO were contributed. Though it is not a huge amount compared to Men Masters, but in my opinion, better start small, then nothing at all! Thanks to him and the MCF for making this event something to look forward for.

MWM 2O1O - Round 1

Currently I am DATCC Kompleks Wilayah Kuala Lumpur. And right now, the battle of the Semis is going on between Four Players :
NWM Nurul Huda W - WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham
NWM Alia Anin Azwa Bakri - Fong Mi Yen

Though the tournament and the games has made the coverage widely in other blogs (firey_rook, gilachess, hairulov, chess is chess etc, esp this blog but let me recap you with what is going on.

The tournament is a real tiring tournament indeed, only those with stamina can last the gruelling of intense hours. For "veteran" like me I think I need to do something to catch up with the stamina of the younger ones, because playing for hours from as early at 1Oam until about 11am at night, is too much for me. We are travelling from Kuantan as early at about 4.3Oam in the morning, and lucky for us the traffic is ok so we reach KL minutes before 9am. All of us had some urgent things to do, so we cant drive to KL a day before. My first round game finished early, so I supposed to have time to relax, but my sis game is still going on therefore I dont have the heart to go anywhere until she finished. It was a surprise that my sis, Fadzilah can still have the skill in chess, even though she is the only one in the family that completely stop playing. But for the readers info, Fadzilah during her prime she was the Pahang Closed champion! and have countless representing the states and was offered to represent Malaysia in the Asian team back in the 9Os but had to say no due to working reasons. But I am definitely happy to be here at DATCC with my siblings. Like I said earlier the last time all of us were together was in 2OO7! now not just the three sisters, but all my brothers came to support us! Great huh! (just like the old times when we were all young.

Ok, back to the game, I won the first round against Latifah Kaiyisah, and my sis won against Latifah Syamimi. I didnt play that good to win the game, but because I have played against her before this, the confident was there and that is how I won. But waiting for Fadzilah game against Haslindah was surely tiring. She lost her first game, but dont know what happened somehow she managed to bounce back and clinched the victory in the second game. And victory forced Haslindah to rapid games. We all thought Haslindah could easily thrashed Fadzilah, since we all knew that Fadzilah rarely play. But like we said to Fadzilah, it is not about winning or losing, is about how you play, as long as you play your best! if she win it will be a bonus, but if she lost she lost with a fight till the end. And luckily she won both rapid. And she advance to the Quater Final. The game ended at about 9.3Oam.

At the same time, Alia was still playing against Renitha also in a rapid match. In classical match both game ended in a draw, in the first rapid match also ended in a draw, but the second game of the rapid, Alia did well against the panic of time trouble from Renitha, and while Alia win 2 seconds still remaining, Renitha lost on time! So, Alia advance to the Quarter Final.

Amira and Hoh Tjin Li game is still going on at the time we were leaving, and that was at 9.45pm. The next I saw her again, so she won. She lost her first game, and in her second game, during time trouble from both side, I heard Hoh claimed the game to be drawn, because no pawn movement. But the complaint was against her, and it cost her a penalty for false claim, and the time somehow in Amira advantage. Amira won the second game and force both of the to play rapid game.

The game between Fairuz Hamizah the little 13 year old from Kedah against Tan Li Ting, caught my eye most. Because Fairuz the talented girl seemed to be out of the scene because all of us are looking at our youngest NWM Tan Li ting who just spend 6 weeks training in China. We are all anxious to know what can she deliver in the 1st edition of MWM. Both classical game ended in a draw. And both rapid games ended in draw. It was an impressive performance of Fairuz against Tan Li Ting! so, the game now reached to armageddon! the sudden death. Fairuz make a correct guess, and now she needs to make a decision to play white or black in the sudden death game. If she choose to play white, she will be given 5 minutes game but a win is a must. But if she choose black, she will be given 4 minutes and a draw is enough to go advance to Quarter. And she choose Black. I saw the game, she had all the advantage to win the game, or at least a draw, everyone was hopeful for a upset. But she made a fatal mistake by exchanging all her pieces, and thus gave the clear advantage to Li Ting. A cheer of joy from Mr Tan, but a cry of tears on the Fairuz and family. It was heartbroken to see a scene like that, it was so close for her, and yet so far. To come all the way from Kedah and to give a fight and lasted from morning till night, is not a bad thing, so Kudos to her!