Wednesday, April 15, 2009

23.White To Move

In the position above as you can see white has an advantage by one piece and now threaten to capture Rook on f7.Is it enough for white to secure a win and capture Black Rook on f7?

Why Puzzles?

For your info, the webmaster is targeting to reach 1000 puzzles to be given in this blog. Puzzles were taken from various info that we collect and some even without answers, but we managed to find out the answers before it is published for the fans to solve!

My personal view on puzzles is that, it does help one a lot in tournament preparation, as puzzles helps you to notice the real life situation much faster than not doing puzzle at all. As you noticed the puzzles given in two forms, the more difficult puzzles to solve are taken from a Russia book which have no answer at all, but before it is published the webmaster will do the solving first, so that there will not be any conflict. The puzzles were considered to be a good one, coz I once heard of a story about a USSR trainer migrated to America, taking along with him all his training lessons that was once the secrets of how USSR produces more GM players than the rest of the nations!

While the endgame puzzles were given to enhance the endgame training skill, which is considered important too, as what been told to me by a friend, GM Dao Thien Hai, when we had our chat during the KL open last year. We will disclosed the answer to the endgame puzzles in our posting immediately, but however, for the difficult puzzle, we will disclose the answer in the shoutbox.

The shoutbox is design as a tool to discuss the answer and your opinion towards the question is very important too to all the players that browse this blog. Because, indirectly you are considered a trainer too by providing simple coaching and teaching skills when you answer the puzzle.

With a lot of thanks to all the fans!

Kuantan Players Result in NAG 2009

The two kids participation in the recent NAG 2009 achieved a good result compared to their very experienced "seniors" the their age group!

Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman scored 4 points out of 7 games in her U-10G category, which I personally considered that to be impressive since she managed to score average of 57% of total percentage! she does improves a lot! Sabrina was placed at no. 19th overall.

Her brother, Muhammad Firdaus Afiq Asman playing in the U-12B section managed to get 3 points out of 7 games. U-12B is a tough one indeed, most of the experiences MSSM players are there to compete, so, his achievement in the group is considered ok too.

Congrats to them! and keep up the good work! we shall see their first rating in the coming National Rating list.