Friday, December 31, 2010

Selamat Menyambut 2011

Diam tak diam, hari ini jumaat 31hb Disember 2010 merupakan gerbang terakhir sebelum melangkah ke tahun 2011. Azam tahun 2010 untuk membuka Setia Chess Centre menjadi kenyataan.. di harapkan azam 2011 pula bakal terlaksana.

Dalam kekalutan kerja menyiapkan kerja di pejabat dan menghadiri temuduga kerja semalam, saya terlupa nak buat pengumuman (semasa kejohanan Catur Liga Kuantan semalam) untuk mengadakan Catur Blitz Countdown 2011 pada malam ini. Nampak gayanya terpaksa lupakan hasrat dan menunda niat ke tarikh yang lain.

Kepada pembaca blog ini, saya mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2011! Mudah-mudahan catur di Kuantan pada tahun 2011 akan lebih bersinar-sinar lagi... hehehe

Happy New Year to all! Hoping for the best chess for Malaysia!

Kuantan League Team Result

Monday, December 27, 2010

Team Composition Kuantan League

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kuantan League Team Result

This is the result and also pairing for round 2 of first kuantan League team.The League consist of 5 round swiss system and will be played every thursday night at Setia Chess Centre starting from 23/12/2010.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

GACC 2010 - Round 6 report (Unofficial Report)

The teams taking part, best university team and Best local university. But this is unofficial as it is per my calculation only.

GACC 2010

Everybody must be wondering why is this blog has been longed to be updated. Like I said in my earlier post, I am really busy with work with final accounts and year end audit! But surprisingly, with few remaining leaves left, i got the approval to finish off my leaves (though one day leave had be canceled as i was called for a last min meeting and discussion).

I took the approval to be in KL together with chess.. again! And I am happy to get away from the stress at work. I have 3 tournaments to choose to. One is in Kuantan. The Sukan Kerja Raya, National Junior and GACC. Three tournaments at one time? sounds tempting right! But I cant be at all those places in one time, so I had to make the wise decision, which tournament that needed me most?

I gave the arbitering handling to Khair and Nurul Huda, as I think it is a good time for them to start to be a part of chess too (considering that the more people that i could traing to be arbiter, the better prospect for chess in Kuantan). I had to decline to National Junior event as too many arbiters will be assissting and besides my students decided not to play (but we have rep from Kuantan - Nur Sabrina Aliya and Muhd Firdaus).

And Yes! GACC here I am! I am the deputy Chief Arbiter for the event - 15th Grand Asian Chess Challenge Rakan Muda, it is an inter-varsity chess championship held every year at UM and only to university students. Initially the invitation only extend to Asian uni students (i think..) but lately in the recent years, the tournaments has been getting more responds from the all other foreign uni as well.

And this year GACC received players with FIDE titles. From - Novosibirsk State Technological University, Russia, representing them are GM Pavel Maletin (2636), FM Yan Dzhumagaliev (2360), WGM Vera Nebolsina (2377), WIM Ekaterina Kharashuta (2299). From - Azad University, Iran, representing them are; GM Amir Bagheri (2429), IM Morteza Darban (2305), WFM Mona Salman Mahini (2044). From - Far Eastern University, Philippines (Team B), we the WFM Lem Jose Rulp (2038) playing as well as from - National University of Singapore, Singapore (Team A), we have WFM Jeslin Tay (2124).

It is very interesting to see all these mix of cultures competing in this event.

Today is Sunday (19th Dec 2010), round 7 & 8 will be staged at Kompleks Perdanasiswa, UM. In the morning rounds all the top boards were occupied by the foreign uni. While the leader after round 6 are - IM Darban (IRI) and Ranel (PHI) with 5.5 points, GM Amir (IRI), GM Pavel (RUS), FM Yan (RUS), Alexandr Crivoi (MDA), Sheider Nebato (PHI) are all trailing behind with 5 points. Our best Malaysian are with 4 points each are : Fadzil Nayan (UIA), Ian Siah (UTM A), Zarul Shazwan (UMP) and others (too many to mention). But the most notable fact, UMP - Zarul has played a very good game against the FM Yan and GM Pavel (though he lost, but he gave it a good fight till the end!).

For more info :
the ranking and news at GACC site (with interesting photo gallery too)
result on Open section
result on Women section

And if the readers wish to view the result on Sukan Kerjaraya, our Fireyrook (one of the players at the event made an interesting coverage)here

For more info on who is leading in the National Junior check it out here :
Open event
Girls event

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chess in Asian Games Guangzhao 2010

I have been and will be busy thru out this month end towards the end of this year until after audit is completed which is schedule until March 2011. As at to date our company is behind schedule (because of the new system, in which i wish i could quit my job! really hate this never ending stories about the system! I am fed up spending days and weeks emailing and queries when we cant produce our monthly report!).

There has been many things going on in my "absence" from chess. We have our juniors took part in World Youth in Greece, in which i have heard, Putri Rifqah is doing amazingly well there. Congrats! Then we have the APSSO - the asean primary school games, and Chess was among the sports contended, and what makes us all proud is that chess brought home 4 gold medals compare to other sports. Saw the pic of Yeoh Li Tian and the Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Congrats again!

And I know the ladies is surely wondering what happened to me :-) Biro Wanita - a branch from Malaysian Chess Federation that specifically set up to cater the Women in Chess was launch few months ago. We have our accounts at the facebook and our official blog too check this out. To all all ladies, i am sorry for not being able to contribute anything at this moment, but I will start doing so next year once I have finished with this "peak" audit season. :-)

Well, now the heat is on because chess is included for the second time in Asian Games. The first time it was held in Doha, Qatar. Now Guangzhao, China is the host this year. And the best part is! Malaysia is sending our contigent for chess too! Yeay! isnt that great. By sending I mean, chess is part of sports too! I juz wish that we win some medals! so that is the next 4 years we will see another players for the games too! But the bad news is that we are not competing in the classical team event (we are only competing in the Individual Rapid).

The game started last saturday, and today is the last rapid games. Our Malaysians is doing rather average, with scoring and losing too. IM Mok Tze Meng, WFM Alia Anin Bakri and WCM Nur Nabila is representing the country with En Ibrahim Bakar as the team manager. While our no. 1 player - IM Mas had to pull out because he was down with dengue just couple of days before departing. Hope he is well now.

If you want to catch the result :

for medal tally

round 8 pairing Men

round 8 paring Women

ranking after round 7 Men

ranking after round 7 Women

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chess in MSSM - Milo Awards!

There are 2 Awards sponsored by MSSM and Milo - Anugerah Putera/Puteri MSSM Milo and Anugerah Tunas Harapan Putera / Puteri MSSM Milo. For the first award, each state will send 1 nomination each for boys and girls (in whatever sports that is contended in MSSM). Their achievement doesnt necessarily restricted to result in MSSM, but it covers the overall achievement in the sports (eg : represent Malaysia and with good results). And the age to be a nominee must be between 13-18 years old. For the second Award, with the same requirement BUT must be the age 7-12 years old! During my schooling years, the award ceremony will be held together with Olahragawan / Olahragawati Kebangsaan, Olahragawan/ Olahragawati Harapan, Anugerah Khas (for those excellent sports but not contested in MSSM level) and several other sports award.

The first time I heard about such awards when I was one of the nominee myself years ago - Anugerah Putera Puteri MSSM Milo. At first I thought I got selected to represent chess for Pahang, but there is more good news than that, I was selected to represent Pahang because my chess is the best achievement compared with other sports in Pahang!! Hahaha.. But the sad thing, I am so alone there. As the only chess player there, no one understood chess, other athletes are making fun at me because I play chess, except for few people, including Allahyarhamah Rabia Abdul Salam. Even though she is the popular person there (she won the award), she would treat me well like any other athlete and we became good friends there (because I sit next to her, I got the chance to meet M.Kumaresan, Rashid Sidek and his siblings also Lydia Kwan). I got selected for 2 consecutive years - 1991 and 1992. In 1991, together with my nomination was Mas Hafizul (but he didnt get to be at the Ceremony because he is not the winner) for Anugerah Tunas harapan Putera. But in 1992 I am so relieved that he was the winner, coz finally I got another chess player with me during the days there (phew!). In that year, I got to meet another friend who is a surgeon now, former gymnast - Farah Hani Imran.

Years later, I found out Mas Hafizul did win the Anugerah Putera Puteri MSSM (I think he is the only chess player to have won both awards). So, I heard, Ooi Chern Ee was once a runner up for the award (but unfortunately I cant remember which year). I am not sure, but I heard someone told me that Yeoh Li Tian won the Anugerah Tunas Harapan sometime in 2007 (I think?).

But the latest news, Nur Najiha Azman Hisham join the list this year when she won the Anugerah Tunas Puteri MSSM Milo for her achievement in 2009 where she won the WFM Title! Congrats! Not juz the family, but the whole of Women in Chess and the rest of the chess fans is celebrating!

Hope to hear next year if Alia Anin Azwa will be nominated by Melaka because of her remarkable achievement in chess and the recent WIM norm!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Olympiad Round 10 & Final - Updates

In round 10, Both men and women team drew against their opponent. Our Men drew with Wales and our Ladies drew with Chile. It was a good day indeed.

Then on saturday it was a rest day again.

While today, the final battle is on. Today, our men won against Bahrain. Where Greg, Mok won and Peter drew his game, but I am confuse about the lost of Mas. I dont see anything wrong in the position and yet the result is a lost? Hope someone can clarify this, rather than all of us making assumption of what is going on.

Our girls also won today against Egypt by 2.5-1.5. Nabila and Mi Yen won, while Roslina drew her game. But our best performer so far Alia lost her game today. I am not sure if that will cost her norm. But according to chess-result - if you click at the top "FIDE title unofficial after round 10" it says there clearly that Alia is to be awarded the WIM title. And she is also in the list of WFM and WCM as well. And I saw the name of Fong Mi Yen too in the list of WCM.

Hope Malaysian official there can clarify and confirm the matter, and let home know the good news! As a supporter of Women in Chess, this achievement is something to be proud off!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Olympiad Round 9 - Updates

I am too tired to kept myself with the games tonight, so i said to myself i got to have a couple of hours of sleep. And I did. When i woke up the first thing to see the result of the ladies.

And yeay! though we lost to the Netherlands (with much, i mean much much higher rated than us) that fielded their first board with a full GM!, we still put up a fight! Proud of them! Although Alia and Nabila lost, but the seniors - Nurul Huda and Roslina drew with the WIM! which gave us 1-3 against Netherlands. Good job! For Alia - you still have 2 more rounds to go for the shot at WIM norm!

While, for the guys - its a different story. Mok drew and Peter won his game which gives us 1.5 - 2.5 against Andorra. Our IM Mas lost to a GM and also Tan Khai Boon.

There are still 2 more rounds to go - so all players, give it all out ok? I know you can do much better! I always have faith in the Malaysian team, and I believe so much in it!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Olympiad Round 8 - Updates

Pic of Alia with Hou Yifan (CHN) - the chinese prodigy.

Our ladies and men won with a margin of 2.5 - 1.5. It looks like it is a good for all of us indeed! Bravo!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Olympiad Round 7 - Updates

On Round 7 report, we have good news and bad news. The good news is Ladies won against Pakistan 4-0 (yeay!). Surely after this they will another higher rated team when they shoot up upper board (usually).

Perhaps inspiration from Magnus that the Ladies won their game? (hahaha.. thanx for pic Roslina, really.. really appreciate it)

And here goes the Bad news! Men lost to IPSC, 1-3. Tan Khai Boon made the surprise by winning his game while others including IM Mas lost. Its a tragedy to lose a game when you are so close to something (1st GM Norm for Msia). But things do happened.. if we feel the missed opportunity, can we imagine how Mas must have felt right at this moment.

Juz want you to know Mie, it is not over until it is over! you still have 4 more rounds to go! Bring home good news for the coming rounds!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Olympiad Round 6 - Updates

Malaysian Men easily thrashed San Marino by 4-0 as many of us predicted.

Ladies playing against a much higher rated opponents from Ecuador suffered defeat of 1-3. Nabila, Nurul Huda and Mi Yen lost their game. While Alia Anin Azwa Bakri saves the day when she beat her opponent who hold IM title and rated at 2368!

And that is the upset of the day for Malaysia! Good Job!

What Malaysian Doing During the Rest Day?

I just came across this official website

I saw IM Mok n IM Mas participate in the Nation Cross. I guess it is some sort of a marathon. And Malaysian flag was there too! Proud to see that too!

Browsing thru the pic, saw others too (Megat, Greg, Nabila, Nurul Huda, Alia, Fong Mi Yen, Roslina, and I think it was Tan Khai Boon that was hidden from the pic).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Olympiad - More Pic

I have asked Roslina for more pic when she is not playing, coz i guess many fans back home wants to see more pic. I have specifically asked for pic from the top players and she grants my wish too. Thanks a lot!!

GM Sergey Karjakin - he holds the youngest GM in the world. He is now playing on 4th board for Russia 1 (Kramnik also in the team).

World No. 1 - GM Magnus Carlsen (wearing the G-Raw clothing line eh there Magnus?). He is playing for Norway, Norway is not a fav in this Olympiad even though they have Magnus. In the 4th round he suffers a defeat in the hand of Georgian - GM Baadur Jobava. Its a shocked to me at first but GM Jobava keep his momentum right by beating GM Le Guan Liem (Vietnam).
GM Fabiano Caruana - Playing first board for Italy.

The chinese team - with GM Wang Yue, GM Wang Hao, GM Bu as seen here. China came to Olympiad with the hope of winning the medal contested.

Malaysian women team before the match against Iraq in round 5. Standing in the pic is Roslina.

The ladies with the one that has helped them a lot (according to Roslina). He prepared their game at the night and tabled to the ladies next morning. Well the ladies needs as much help as they can get.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Olympiad Round 5 - Updates

In the Open - Malaysia was paired against Bolivia. Based on ratings, we have the advantage on winning against Bolivia. But however, it looks like IM Mas can only draw his game (fatigue perhaps Mie?), same like Peter who is obviously aiming for a draw on fourth board. While bravo Tan Khai Boon drew against a higher rated opponent (phew). Unexpectedly, Mok lost! I thought he was winning.

Malaysia 1.5 - Bolivia 2.5

In the Women - Malaysia vs Iraq. Alia, Fong Mi Yen won, Nabila and Nurul Huda drew. Overall we won by 3-1. Good job Ladies!!! I was a bit worried because of the lost yesterday. Glad that today they got the victory. To Ladies, forget about what people said back home. Just play your best! Its you on the board, its you that struggle during the games, so play like you play back home!

Tomorrow is the rest day for the players. Round 6 will resume on monday. Have fun!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Olympiad Round 4 - Pic

**Pic courtesy from Roslina. Thanx Jie!**

It is almost autumn there in Khanty-Mansiysk

The tournament hall

IM Mas is perhaps pondering what to play against GM Pelletier (SUI). The GM manage to get the draw against Mas. After 4 rounds Mas is still undefeated. An impressive score against 3 GMs so far. There are still many rounds to go. Keep it up Mie!

The ladies before the Round 4 started. They were up against Sri Lanka. Who would thought we suffer defeat from the lower rated Sri Lankan! Only Alia won her game.

A group pic of the Malaysian Ladies.

Olympiad Round 4 - IM Mas's Game

At 10.25pm - watching IM Mas game, and i find it funny! Coz the GM is the one that is looking for a draw against Mas!

Olimpiad Round 4 - Pairing

In round 4 at 5pm Malaysia time :

86 Malaysia (MAS) - 47 Switzerland (SUI)
IM Mas Hafizulhelmi (2422) - GM Pelletier Yannick (2592)
IM Mok Tze-Meng (2416) - GM Gallagher Joseph G (2517)
Tan Khai Boon (2160) - IM Kurmann Oliver (2452)
FM Long Peter (2302) - IM Buss Ralph (2433)

74 Malaysia (MAS) - 83 Sri Lanka (SRI)
Bakri Alia Anin Azwa (1904) - Muhandiram R M M U (1744)
WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (1829) - Basnayake I U (1746)
Wahiduddin Nurul Huda (2020) - Premanath Dinushki (1853)
Fong Mi Yen (1905) - Ranasinghe S D (1822)

I was up late last night, and have a brief chat with IM Mas. Hope he is not tired today, I slept at 3am imagine how late was it over there! When I asked him who will be the first board line up for the swiss, he said GM Pelletier. And he was right, it is GM Pelletier! Yesterday's opponent, he studied his opponent game and he is familiar with the lines, hopefully he manage to study against Pelletier and will create another impressive performance!

Since Roslina is not playing today, hope I can get the pic of players as she promised me last night :-))

All the best!!

p/s - i found this interesting blog check it out , it was funny, esp on the part the octopus got fried in the end for the wrong prediction.. hahaha

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Olimpiad Round 3 - UPSET!

Our Men drew with Lithuania in Round 3, where our opponents not just rated higher than us but with 3 GMs and 1 IM as their line-up, clearly most of us predict that Msia would have lost this round. Although that is the prediction, as the fan of Msian team when IM Mas is playing, I was hoping that Mas could encourage the others with his play.

And yeay! Mas won!!! He made the upset against that GM, while Mok drew his game with another GM and Peter drew too. Mas salvage the lost of Tan Khai Boon to give Malaysia a 2-2 draw against Lithuania. I bet Lithuania wasnt expecting this outcome, eh!

Congrats guys, esp to Mie!

Meanwhile, as the whole nation (the chess fans) celebs the victory of Mas, the ladies on the other hand produce a different result (cant see any bloggers commenting any games on the ladies - but only on comments of the result, I guess non of them interested, so ladies do something will ya!). They lost to Austria by 3-1, Nur Nabila and Fong Mi Yen drew, while Alia and Roslina lost.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Olympiad - Round 2

Here is the round 1 photo. I was browsing thru the official website and found this. It was also posted in the Hairulov's blog. (My father was asking me that day is he could see her daughter in action, I guess thanks to the organiser for the pic).

IM Mas vs GM Michael Adams (ENG) - who was once on the top ranked of the world. It is truly a surprised to us Malaysian, but for those that familiar with IM Mas, the upset (he drew with the GM) is just something that he can do at any moment when he sees it coming! (just like the time when he beat GM Korchnoi in the previous Olympiad). Lets just hope he maintain the momentum for the rest of the games there.

My sis in action. She lost her first round yesterday. My bro and I was looking at the position expecting that she could turn the position, but obviously her opponent is too strong for her. She will have her first rest today, and her spot for board 3 will be placed by Roslina, and Fong Mi Yen will be playing her first game.

Today at approximately 5pm Malaysia time, we get to watch live our players in action. I try to watch the games just like yesterday :-))
I was wrong by assuming that the fielding of Malaysian Women is based on the Malaysian women master tournament. Only Alia and Nabila remain on the top 2 board, while Fong Mi Yen was put as the reserve. Perhaps the captain think she is inexperience compared to others.
All the best to the players! Bring home 4-0 victory, will ya!

Round 1 - Olympiad

Did I just mentioned "can someone bring home at least half point from the english?" I think someone out there hear my thoughts while I was writing this blog.. hahaha.. and truly Mie did hear it! I was at the meeting during the game was live on the internet. But I take time off for few minutes to catch result as often as I could (hope my boss doesnt read this.. hehehe)

Yes, Malaysia lost on both Men and Women. But we lost with high spirit! The guys got themselves half point from the english (not bad, considering we are the underdogs here!) From the way the games were played, it looks like they underestimate the malaysians. Well, that half point sure going to cost them later on!

I am obviously cheering for the Malaysian Women since my sis is playing too. I thought she will not play in round 1. As what I understood the priority is for the 3 juniors, while the 2 seniors are there more as a support system. But something must have come up that Fong Mi Yen wasnt able to play in the first round.

In round 2 - The men will play against Hong Kong while the ladies is up against Ethiopia. Sounded easy huh? But, to me all that came to Olympiad are with high hopes to make upsets, so the malaysians still need to be careful and dont take whoever the opponent lightly (but 4-0 win ok?)

All the best!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

39th Olympiad Khanty-Mansiysk 2010

39th Olympiad has just begun yesterday with the colourful opening ceremony. I think Malaysian Team had just arrived in time to catch the opening. You can catch the report at chessbase
Lucky me, I was up last night and while browsing thru the internet looking for something else, I juz remember about the opening ceremony, and it was broadcast live (well for few minutes). You can find more info on the official website .

For the first round at chess result Malaysian Men team is up against England on Table 12! Whoa! it is certainly a tough challenge in the first round. Lets hope we wont get thrash with the likes of 4-0, can someone bring home at least half point from the english? Malaysia will definitely line up the top 4 players (if I am guessing correctly, Greg Lau will not be playing at all unless someone is sick and cant play). It looks like Nigel Short is taking the rest against Malaysia.

In the women section Malaysian team will faced Slovakia on Table 15!. Top 4 Malaysian Women will definitely play. It seems like Fong Mi Yen is taking the rest today (wonder why?), and our Alia is up against IM Eva Repkova. (the name does sound familiar, I think I played against her in the World Junior 1991).

And the first round will start at 3pm daily in Khanty-Mansiysk, as Hairulov mention in his blog, is it about 5pm Malaysian time. All the best guys!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Malaysian Team off to Khanty-Mansiyk Today!

Malaysian Women Team - (L-R) : NWM Nurul Huda W, WCM Nur Nabila, NWM Fong Mi Yen, NWM Alia Anin, NWM Roslina Marmono and their captain - Megat. (Msia is seeded 73 from 119 countries)
Malaysian Men Team - (L-R) : NM Tan Khai Boon, FM Peter Long, IM Mok Tze Meng, IM Mas Hafizul and reserve also as their captain - MCF Secretary - Gregory Lau. (Msia is seeded 82 from 159 countries)

I was at the KLIA this morning sending off my sis and the Malaysian 39th Olympiad team. Their journey is from KL to Moscow (with transit in Dubai for few hours). From Moscow they will stay there for 2 days to wait for their charter flight to Khanty-Mansiyk, Siberia. The first round will commence on Tuesday. So I guess, the players will have their rest before the game start. This once in 2 years event is the largest chess event with more than 159 countries taking part!

I bid all the best to the players! and hope to hear good news soon!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Its Cao Sang!!

GM Cao Sang (VIE) is the newly crowned DATMO champ!!

Congrats also to IM Mok, Ronnie Lim for putting up an impressive performance in this DATMO by beating the higher rated and titled players!

DATMO - 3 way tie..

Tie break will decide who will be the eventual winner of the last edition of DATMO 2010...

Who shall it be? GM Zhou Weiqi? GM Cao Sang? or IM Sethuraman?

oh! wait! juz heard that it is GM Zhou Weiqi from China the overall winner!!

still waiting for the official result...

DATMO - Final Round info

The final round pictures can be found here

and the live games here

Thank You!

I thank you all the UM students that make it all happened! This year UM students are very dedicated and commited to the work and thus making all our lives easier! (esp during the hectic Merdeka Team, Merdeka Rapid, Merdeka Blitz and the Merdeka Age Group!). Also thanks to Son Asya (UZB) and Irina Kayumova (RUS) who has also helped during the Ambank, Seniors, and the Merdeka Age Group. Thank you to dear chess friends that has helped a lot, to Haslindah, Roslina, Alia, Hadi, Andrew, Marcus and the kids (Jun Feng and the gang).
And a very special thanks to En Hamid for hiring me, and esp to En Najib for giving me all the infos and knowledge about chess. The things that I learned thru out the days at Malaysian Chess Festival will not be forgotten and I will make full use of it here back home!
All the best guys in the final day of Malaysian Chess Festival!
**juz arrived in Kuantan at 9.30am and went straight to the office, will only be home on the before buka puasa time. And right now, my mind is definitely not focus towards the pile of work in front of me, but the Final rounds of DATMO and the Blitz that I wish I could participate this time as this is perhaps the final edition of Malaysian Chess Festival (sob.. sob..sob..)**

Monday, September 06, 2010

DATMO - Round 8 Updates!

Pic left : Interesting battle on table 1 between GM Gupta and GM Zhou, you can catch the game live at
Pic right : On the right is Bakliwal Gaurav, on the left is Uehara Shinpei (JPN), next to him is Nabil (MAS)

Pic left : Nguyen Anh Dung seems to be at the average play in this year DATMO edition. But somehow he managed to climb back up, and on Table 4 he is up against the sensation Guo Qi (CHN)

Pic left : Fong Mi Yen vs Masruri Rahman (another promising Indonesia junior player)
Pic right : This cute shubby, is also another promising junior from Indonesia - Azarya Jodi Setyaki. Next to him is Malaysian - Elgin Lee Kah Meng.

Updates! Ian Udani had juz join the "club" when he beat GM Laxman in 30 moves! And he is the first to submit his result for round 8!

Ambank - Round 8 Updates!

Pic left : Table 1 : Ravi Kumar vs Magdalaga. Next to them are Tan Ken Wei vs Le Thi Phuong Lien (VIE)
Pic right : Rusdi Sidi, normally he always came by to any FIDE rated event but never play. Now he hands on himself at Ambank..

Pic left : Nur Najiha vs Syakir Shazmeer
Pic right : Faizal Andin, maintaining his top spot in the Ambank

Seniors - Round 6 Updates!

Ronal Gross in deep thought. Once upon a time he was a good friend to Bobby Fischer.

In this category, the prizes is WHOA!! a lot compared to Ambank. Imagine this, top 5 will be given prizes with champ will receive RM4000 + challenge trophy (Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng), Malaysian best will receive RM500. Not to mention the prizes for Seniors aged 65 - 75 and aged 75 above, will receive a top 3 prizes (the best will receive RM2000). And there are only 16 players taking part!

In this category, GM Dimitry Kayumov from Russia is all set to become the champion, leading with 1 point above the nearest rival, IM Tan Lian Ann (SIN), Ronald Gross (USA) and Brian Jones (AUS).

Bad News!

Unfortunately, I cant be around at the last day of Malaysian Chess Festival. Therefore my reports on the event will be up to Round 8. I feel bad about this as well, because I was at the starting of the event, I wish I could be there at the finishing line! But who can tell what future is for us. I received call from my General Manager saying that I am in need to be at the office urgently tomorrow morning for a very important discussion. One staff has taken unpaid leave, plus the system that the company purchased (at this point) is totally unreliable! Headache! headache! headache!

However, the readers can always turn to firey_rook, the official site or gilachess blog for further updates on the last day.

Round 8 is underway now, and I will give further report on it.

DATMO - Round 7 Updates!

Pic left : IM Mok was up against GM Laxman. IM Mok joins the "club" when he won against the GM!
Pic right : Ronnie Lim is still playing against IM Khamrakulov from Uzbek

Pic left : On board 2, interesting play by GM Zhou Weiqi as shown on live games! he is a piece down but with 3 pawns up! AND HE WON THE GAME!
Pic right : Alia vs Aquino. She lost this game juz now. But she is leading the malaysian women pack at DATMO with 3 points from 6 games.

Interesting! Junior player from Uzbek is up against our Junior Yeoh Li Tian. And the result : Li Tian lost...

Ambank - Round 7 Updates!

In the pic : National Paragames player Hasidin is playing in Ambank Challenge, against Olivia Madhavan.

Tan Ken Wei won his round 7 game against Iwan Setiawan on table 2.

Winners of Merdeka Age Group