Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pic of the 3rd Kuantan Master Rapid Junior Chess Championship 8/8/2010

**Courtesy from En Asman Amin - Vice President of PCDK**
The receipient of Most Participants from one school - SMK Clifford Kuala Lipis and SK Batu Tiga Kuantan

Under 9 winners :

Under 12 winners :

Under 16 winners :

Under 20 winners :

The top 3 medallist :

Pic left : Bronze - Sharif Zaki
Pic right : Silver - Anis Nasuha

The gold medallist and the winner of the 3rd edition of Kuantan Master Rapid Junior U-20 - Muhammad Qhaider Zullkafli from UMP

Pic taken during Opening Ceremony of SCC

**we had Blitz event during the opening**

Monday, August 16, 2010

Malaysian Chess Festival 2010

We are in Ramadhan month, and chess in Malaysia will not stop during this month! Another exciting event - The Malaysian Chess Festival will be on the 28th July until 7th September 2010. It is during the school holidays, but towards the end of Ramadhan month. I am excited about the event, but i have to carefully planned my leave and the transportation there, coz on the 7th September, expect heavy traffic at Karak and LPT highway!

This will be my second involvement in the Malaysian Chess Festival as an arbiter (the first was last year) and my third FIDE rated event (second event was National Chess Championship last june).

This year, the festival offers 3 more exciting event besides Merdeka Rapid Team Chess Championship, DATMO, Ambank Challenge, Malaysian Blitz Open and Merdeka Age-group event. The 3 events are - Merdeka Rapid Individual, Simul Exhibition match and the Seniors Open. Hectic right!? Imagine me on duty on all those event!! (whoa!!)

I am hoping to see Kuantan Chess players to take part in any of the event mentioned, I know it is Puasa Month, but to have the chance to play and be part of the event, it is once in a year thing! If you cant join the Merdeka Rapid Individual (28/8/2010), join the Merdeka Team (29-31/8/10), FIDE rated event - Ambank Challenge, Seniors Open, Malaysian Open (1-7/9/2010), Or to those Juniors out there, I would recommend this - Merdeka Age Group (5/9/2010)!

It is a bit sad to hear that Malaysian Chess Festival (which has been our annual event and was announced months ago) clash with the Campomanes Memorial Event which will be held in Philippines on the same date. I think it is because, Malaysia support Karpov (FIDE Presedential Candidate) and they support Kirsan (FIDE Current President for 15 years).

Well in Malaysia I see different people with different views on this matter (the Karpov - Kirsan issue), some support Karpov and some support Kirsan. Kirsan supporters said that Malaysia is making the wrong move by supporting Karpov and let go the $100,000 offered by Kirsan (really? $100,000.. no kidding! that is huge amount!), and because Filipino support Kirsan, they were given that same amount for the Campomanes memorial. I heard that same amount goes to Indonesia too. Those that support Karpov would goes saying that if Karpov got selected then Malaysia will be the hub of chess because the General Secretary is based here (En Hamid is contesting for the post).

Where do I stand in this matter? I try not to interfere chess and politics as my main objective here in Kuantan is to develop chess here. I can find quantity of players at the tournaments held here, but I want quality of games to be improved! I want more good players to be borned from here! I want to have those talented juniors beat our family records! (2 NWMs and 1 NM, 4 FIDE rated players, 3 National Players, 6 states representative, etc, etc, etc). I think we heard enough of our names, now is the time to find new names for Pahang. I want another chess prodidy and get him/her the sponsors and make us all proud.

But, I like the idea of Karpov - no burden fees, means that I dont have to pay for my National Instructor title annual fee. No fees for titled players. And I like the idea where when you got selected to play for your country, the only thing that the federation need to think of is the airfare, coz lodging is provided by the host. Unlike today, the competition is open, so many can take part but pay own lodging. In these 15 years of Kirsan's ruling, I dont see any benefit to the Malaysians? (I bet someone would post at the shoutbox and say, dont blame FIDE blame it to the MCF.. hahaha, Ok fine, blame it to MCF, but if the Secretary General from Malaysia, and still, nothing is changed, then yeah! I would blame MCF too for sure!) I am not sure about this, but err.. has Kirsan visited Malaysia in this 15 years? (I was absent from chess for 10 years).

For more info on the Malaysian Chess Festival click here