Sunday, September 09, 2007

And Life Goes On ....

The Malaysian Chess Festival 2007 has ended, but the spirit of chess is always high among players.

Now we are all waiting for the world championship match at Mexico starting 12th September. Who will be the next world champion?

Fans are betting for players like Anand, or Kramnik to defend the title. But who knows, maybe unexpected Grishuk or Morozevich will come out the best to win the title!.. But in my heart, my bet will always be Kramnik. The next shot if not Kramnik, I think Morozevich will do. If he did win, then the world will have something to say. Maybe he has the inconsistency of playing previously, but who knows this time he prove the difference!

Kramnik, if he win it, then he prove to the world that he deserve the title years ago, when he held it under the different chess association (and that was when he won against Kasparov in the year 2000).

And honestly speaking, I can't wait for the event to start.

Ramadhan Month has come again this year. And we will start fasting thursday 13th September 2007. Poor me, my first day of Ramadhan will be at the hotel, coz, I'll be outstation to KL during the first and second day of Ramadhan. (what perfect timing??!!!#@# It is just great!!!).

I will be busy with my family during Ramadhan month and bit tired too (with all the houseworks). Therefore no chess classes for one whole month. I'll do my marketing for my new students after Raya. I will also be busy with my chess training starting now on. To prepare for next year event. I hope I can do well in chess. Did I mentioned that I now have a coach? not just that I also have a sifu that will give me advise upon asking (that will do)...

And because of that, I need to be hardworking. So, that I can catch up before the next year event started. But before that, I hope I can play in this year M'sia - S'pore match. Just to see if my training is ok or not!

I don't just want to do well, I want to excel too... :-))

Oh! no, I'd just announced that to the whole world.... (hahaha)

The truth is, I am not in the chess scene to compete for top spot, or something like that(I am too old for that la), I just want to play a good game, and share a good game too. That's it. For me it is not the matter of winning or losing a game but the matter whether I put all the effort in playing my best game ever. I don't really bother much about the score, enough that I know myself, I had played a better game. Hmm.. that isn't much to ask for, right?!

To All Chess Fans, my friends, my family, coach and sifu (you guys know who you are),

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak! :-))