Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chess in Asian Games Guangzhao 2010

I have been and will be busy thru out this month end towards the end of this year until after audit is completed which is schedule until March 2011. As at to date our company is behind schedule (because of the new system, in which i wish i could quit my job! really hate this never ending stories about the system! I am fed up spending days and weeks emailing and queries when we cant produce our monthly report!).

There has been many things going on in my "absence" from chess. We have our juniors took part in World Youth in Greece, in which i have heard, Putri Rifqah is doing amazingly well there. Congrats! Then we have the APSSO - the asean primary school games, and Chess was among the sports contended, and what makes us all proud is that chess brought home 4 gold medals compare to other sports. Saw the pic of Yeoh Li Tian and the Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Congrats again!

And I know the ladies is surely wondering what happened to me :-) Biro Wanita - a branch from Malaysian Chess Federation that specifically set up to cater the Women in Chess was launch few months ago. We have our accounts at the facebook and our official blog too check this out. To all all ladies, i am sorry for not being able to contribute anything at this moment, but I will start doing so next year once I have finished with this "peak" audit season. :-)

Well, now the heat is on because chess is included for the second time in Asian Games. The first time it was held in Doha, Qatar. Now Guangzhao, China is the host this year. And the best part is! Malaysia is sending our contigent for chess too! Yeay! isnt that great. By sending I mean, chess is part of sports too! I juz wish that we win some medals! so that is the next 4 years we will see another players for the games too! But the bad news is that we are not competing in the classical team event (we are only competing in the Individual Rapid).

The game started last saturday, and today is the last rapid games. Our Malaysians is doing rather average, with scoring and losing too. IM Mok Tze Meng, WFM Alia Anin Bakri and WCM Nur Nabila is representing the country with En Ibrahim Bakar as the team manager. While our no. 1 player - IM Mas had to pull out because he was down with dengue just couple of days before departing. Hope he is well now.

If you want to catch the result :

for medal tally

round 8 pairing Men

round 8 paring Women

ranking after round 7 Men

ranking after round 7 Women