Friday, July 15, 2011

Experience at SMK Hillcrest..

Decided to meet my best friend at her place in Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam, because of the Perhimpunan Bersih on the 9th July 2010. I thought if i depart at noon, i would not have a problem reaching her place on time. But who would have thought, i would get stranded.. huhu. At first I was stopped by policeman at Tol Bentong, fortunately when they saw a woman driving alone, it took them only seconds to let me through.. (i do saw few other men in cars were pulled aside and being investigated at the roadside). But heavy traffic for me as i arrived at Tol Gombak..

I got stranded here for about 40-45 minutes... and scary too when all of us were jammed on the same roadside with all the buses and heavy trucks!

After that the road to Shah Alam was perfectly smooth! But again, as i reached Exit Shah Alam, I got stranded again.. for about 20 minutes.... stay in KL until after dinner and spend splendid time with my god daughter (she is going to be 4 years in few days). Then went straight to Bangi to meet with another friend and spend the night there.

Early morning at 7am i am off to SMK Hillcrest! Arrived there safely at juz before 8am and meet up with other arbiters - Kaber, Marcus, Haslindah, Nik Farouqi, Nur Farhana and chief Arbiter - Mok Tze Meng. Also saw Gilachess there too. Later I heard Sufiah and Cikgu Zullkafli were the arbiter for U15B and U18B. At first I was hoping that i could be arbiter for those U9 or U12..I know it is hectic being them but, I was looking forward to educate these kids (most definitely they are going to make mistakes like illegal move, wrong setup of chess pieces.. etc). But it seems that Marcus and Kaber are well prepared for the kids. So it seems that U15G and U18G are the places for me. I took Nur Farhana along with me to handle these categories, I am doing U18G and she did U-15G. Our section was held at the top of school building (juz 3rd floor). Thought i am going to be exhausted going up and down, but hey, I am fit for the job! hahaha..

It was fun! I having a good time! because my section was running smoothly, though we started round 1 late, but we are catching up with original schedule by round 2 and we had to give two breaks (one for lunch and one for Zuhur prayer) and still we finished early and manage to take a peak at open section! Results are posted at
this is Ms Wong Yen Lee - the one that makes it happen! together with Mok Tze Meng. I do hope i have another her in Kuantan, so that we too can have Open as big as this (the turnouts is 490++ which is huge!)
The champ in Open Cateogry - Ian Udani

2nd place - IM Mas

3rd place - Cheah Cheuk Fung

4th place - IM Jimmy Liew (heard that he forfeit round 1)

5th place - Fathuraman Ansary.

6th place - NM Lim Zhuo Ren

7th place - Muhd Syazwan

8th place - Ezmi Mahmood

9th place - Camilia Johari

10th - Izudin Ahayat

juz in time to take this pic - One of my student Wan Adalia taking part in her first chess competition - U-9G

This the category of U-15G and U-18G

One of students - Hazid Ekquan in U-12B category.

The arbiter and officials in Open section - (L-R) Greg Lau, Haslindah and Zuraiha.

The scene at Open Section. Lucky them, juz because all the stars taking part in the event, they are playing at a very pleasant condition - with air cond! Once in a while some of us would drop by here because of the air-cond! hahaha

IM Jimmy vs Camilia

Goh Xin Yen vs Amira Syahmina in U-18G category.