Monday, March 19, 2007

Temerloh Open 2007

Three of my students took part in the event which lasted for 2 days (10th-11th March 2007) held at Dewan SRJK(C) Khee Chee in Temerloh. Know what, I was so nervous. I could barely sleep, thinking how they would fare in the tournament. Would they play like what I taught them to play? What if not?

Honestly, I did not expect them to play like a "star", since they are not a "star", or even play like a chess prodigy, coz they are not either, but, I do hope they will play what they have learned. And that is just about it! Simple!

When you play chess, you don't just play and push the pieces, but you also need to do some thinking. I always tell my students, think logic! and play simple game. I gave them puzzle for them to understand what simple game looks like.


What they presents on the chess board, is something unexpectedly! They forgot all the basic principles in chess that I taught them. And that makes me understood them well.
If it wasn't for the tournament, I wouldn't know at what area they need most attention. Luckily I got my sis with me that I could ask for advise regarding my students (hehehe..). I will tell you later what is my post mortem... (so, keep on reading guys)
For result regarding the tourney, visit
Here are the photos taken during the tourney