Saturday, January 12, 2008

Project GM IM Mas Hafizul - Result Tarakan 2008

IM Mas Hafizul is currently competing at the 1st ASEAN Masters Chess Circuit 2008 in GM "A" Tournament. After 4 rounds he is now at no. 4 standings with 2 points from all games that he played ended in a draw!

In round 1 - FM Purnama Tirta Chandra (2383) vs IM Mas Hafizul (2382) - 0.5-0.5
In round 2 - IM Nadera Barlo (2417) vs IM Mas Hafizul (2382) - 0.5 - 0.5
In round 3 - IM Mas Hafizul (2382) vs IM Nathanael (2375) - 0.5 - 0.5
In round 4 - IM Nouri Hamed (2404) vs IM Mas Hafizul (2382) - 0.5 - 0.5

Below are his next pairings :

Round 5 (12/01/2008)
IM Mas Hafizul (2382) vs FM Cecep Kosasih (2408)

Round 6 (14/01/2008)
GM Zhang Zhong (2617) vs IM Mas Hafizul (2382)

Round 7 (15/01/2008)
IM Mas Hafizul (2382) vs GM Eugenio Torre (2519)

Round 8 (16/01/2008)
GM Susanto Megaranto (2563) vs IM Mas Hafizul (2382)

Round 9 (17/01/2008)
IM Mas Hafizul (2382) vs IM Tirto (2413)

Round 10 (18/01/2008)
GM Wesley So (2526) vs IM Mas Hafizul (2382)

Round 11 (19/01/2008)
IM Mas Hafizul (2382) vs IM Nasib Ginting (2393)

Lets just hope Mas Hafizul can do a lot better in his next games..!!
Don't forget to jot down few words at whitenaval message board, to give moral support to IM Mas Hafizul!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Job Vacancy URGENT!

A construction company in Jalan Klang Lama is in need of Admin Staff. There are 2 vacancy offered with an attractive remuneration packages.

Application accepted from all applicants from all backgrounds (either SPM, Diploma or Degree holder).

SPM holder with an experience in Plan reading will be an added advantage.
Diploma or degree holder of Architecture, QS or Civil Engineering will also be an added advantage.

Interested applicants (male or female) with interest in CHESS together with the qualification above will be highly considered.

Forward your resume to soonest possible.


Announcement : All Malaysian Chess Fans out there.. please leave your support to our IM Mas Hafizul on his plight to become Malaysia's first GM..!!!

IM Mas is all alone out there doing what he knows best.. a moral support from all the fans will surely boost his spirit in competing at the game!!

Join us now

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project GM - IM Mas Hafizul

As we all know that our IM Mas is trying hard to get his GM norm . He was in India, then singapore, competing for a GM norm. Currently he is playing at Tarakan, Indonesia.

To know more about his result, check out this

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Wishing all muslim chess fans... Awal Muharram 1429H!!

"Semakin jauh perjalanan, semakin dekat kematian,
semakin bertambah bebanan, semakin kurang pula keupayaan.
Hanya iman dan keyakinan mampu mengayuh perahu kehidupan.. penuh ketenangan,
merempuh ujian... Tuluslah dengan TUHAN, teluslah sesama INSAN. Berhijrahlah kita ke
daerah kebaikan.."

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Profile of Muhd irfan Haqqim Azhar

This is a special profile of a potential boy from Selangor. The name is Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar, age 11. He was born on 1st Dec 1997, at Hospital Mentakab Pahang. Currently a standard 5 Tanjung student of SK Jenjarom Kuala Langat. He once told his parents that he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up, but right now, lets focus on his current interest, which is CHESS.

He has achieved a tremendeous success for the year 2007, in U-12 category, check out below :

Melayu Terbuka 2007 Bawah 12 Tahun (17-18/2/2007)
Berpasukan MSSD Kuala Langat Bawah 12 Tahun (11/4/2007)
Jemputan WESTPORTS Bawah 18 Tahun (14/4/2007)
Terbuka Kelab Shah Alam Selangor Bawah 12 Tahun (19/5/2007)
Terbuka Klang Parade Bawah 12 Tahun (23/6/2007)
Berpasukan Royal S'gor Grand Prix Bawah 12 Tahun (14-15/7/2007)
Johor Open Bawah 12 Tahun (21/7/2007)
Terbuka Royal Selangor Club Bawah 11 Tahun (12/8/2007)
Berpasukan Malaysia 1st ASEAN+ Youth Bawah 12 Tahun (1-7/12/2007)
Terbuka Gerak Khas MELAKA Bawah 12 Tahun (22/12/2007)
Terbuka Johor Bahru Chessmaster Bawah 12 Tahun (23/12/2007)
Terbuka Rakan Muda Kuala Selangor Bawah 12 Tahun (25/12/2007)

There are long list of his successes but to name the above is enough to mark that this boy has the talent to be highlighted in our chess scene. I am hoping that he can go furthermore by competing with players twice his age.. then he will go far...

With Selangor Team during the Asean School Team at Shah Alam

At the 19th Mas-Sin Match 2007

Receiving the award at the Asean School Team

Won the U-12 in Johor Bahru last December 2007

Monday, January 07, 2008

SM Event Pro / Amateur 6th Jan 2008

The SM Event for 2008 was held at Kompleks Wilayah Kuala Lumpur on sunday 6th January 2008. A huge number of participants taking part in the event! Kudos to the Fadli Zakaria!
to view full result visit

I took part in the event playing in the Pro section. So, since I am playing therefore I am concentrating for the Pro.. And these people are playing not because of the prize money (since it is not much) but because of the "crazy for the game" in them!

Because the event started late so, I had to rush back to Kuantan right after my last game.. so no pictures of the closing ceremony from this site. If you want to view it, check out the above site and (the paparazzi of chess!!)

The final round of the Amateur section. Notice on the second board is Yeoh Li Tian (the junior U-8 sensation).

Amateur right, but they fought like Pro section. Each game is a deadly game to players.. anything can happened. Even the seeded player failed to shine the event...

The Pro section - kamaludin Yusof on the right won the event. In his last game he drew with NM Kamal Ariffin Wahidduddin

"I drew so I took home 3rd place..." Kamal would probably saying that

Is Abd Haq wearing his lucky T-shirt? he wore that at Johor Bharu game and he got placing there, and he got even better placing in this event - 2nd place!! Not bad man!

Fairin against an OKU player Ho Hea King using a braille chess set...

OKU Players taking part in the Pro section...

Trying Out At Blindfold Game...

This is the picture of me, trying out the eye pad covering my eyes and trying to feel and fit the blind people shoes. And believe me it is not easy doing it! The sets feels bigger and the board too. With all darkness surrounding me, I feel the fobia and stress of being alone in the darkness. It is a strange and scary feeling indeed... while I was playing, I am trying as hard as I can picturing the game inside my head how the board looks like and the movement of the pieces. So I am thinking.. how lucky I am to have the ability to actually see the staunton set and therefore I can imagine the pieces clearly in my head, and that is why my game is different compared to the braille players... They play with their heart, imagining the pieces what it looks like and working their brain extra harder.. but still, they fight like tigers and makes us the normal people surprise at the outcome!

I had the wonderful interesting experience and I will treasure it for life! I thank you Asmah, En. Latiff and the braille players for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!!

Best Of Luck To The Malaysian Chess Para Games Team at Korat 2008

The Para Games Chess Team will be leaving for Korat, Thailand on this 15th January 2008. The ladies team comprise of players - Chan Mui Lan, Moira, Fieqah and Norain will carry Malaysian chess hopes in the event. They are expected to deliver at least silver in the Team Event there. The best of luck to them! Our prayers are for the team!

Moira during the interview by the Bernama crew.. "we are aiming for Gold!"

The team from standing left: Norain, Chan Mui Lan, Shamsudin (coach), Mohd Kelana, Hasidin, Shaharudin, Mah Hassan, Ho Hea King, Latiff Muhamad (Team Captain), Fieqah, and Moira. Sitting from left: Fadli (coach), Hashim Jusoh (coach), Mahadir, Chef de Mission for chess team Dato' Aminah, and Asmah (coach).

"Korat here we come!!"

Result of The 1st Kl Braille Open 2008

Latiff Muhamad "we thank you for participating in the event"

"please do not focus on my shoes..." (Latiff Muhamad was involved in an accident a day earlier, he suffered few fracture bones in his left leg and arm, but still up for event.. what a man!)

"We are ok with your shoes en. Latiff... :-))"

And the winner goes to FM Mok Tze Meng... Congratulations!! (nice game man!)

"gee.. who would have thought the winner will be me.. hehehe"

2nd place - Mah Hassan (still the best in his field)

3rd Place winner - Idris (a really good blindfold player besides Mah Hassan)

and he was the former Malaysian player for the last Para Games in Manila

4th place - Fadli Zakaria

5th place - Hashim Jusoh

6th place - Ho Hea King

7th place - Hisyamuddin

8th place - Rahimah

9th place - Tarmizi

10th place - Hasidin

and here we have the winners and participants of the event..

1st KL Braille Open 2008

In conjunction with the World Braille Day, there was a 1st KL Braille Blinfold Event 2008 which took place at the Kompleks Sukan Tenis MSN at Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur dated 5th January 2008. There were 14 players taking part in the event. Most of them are blind players around KL, while others were normal players interested to test their skills at chess in fitting the blind players shoes...

It was an interesting event! and this is the first time I am watching them played being blindfolded and touching all the chess pieces at the same time... (no touch move rule apply for this event.. :-)))

FM Mok Tze Meng, Fadli Zakaria, and Hashim Jusoh are top players that makes this event more interesting to watch.. They are not the favourites (initially), but they are certainly playing with the pieces in their head... (amazing huh!) . Competing together with the top OKU players such as Mah Hassan and Idris (to name a few). It is a challenging tournament indeed.

There was this funny incident happened during the first round. We normal players when we play blindfold we tend to follow the chess notation so that we can picture the pattern in our head. During the competition all players mentioned his notation to the opponent. But since they were sitting closely, players sitting beside them can hear the notation.. and that is truly a chaotic moment when all players got mixed up with what moves and who made the moves... (hahaha)

I am amazed with what is going on in their head when playing, becoz they can't see the board and the pieces... But these players play like a pro! I don't think I can play any better than them.. My salute to all the players taking the challenge! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

The legendary Mah Hassan giving the opening speech ( I always admire this guy)

Latiff Muhammad talking about the rules

"no touch move please!"

Mah Hassan being interviewed by Bernama Press regarding the event

Mok Tze Meng, " I never play blindfold like this.. aiyoo!!! "

But the tourney is on anyway...

Wake me up for dinner - what is written on Hashim Jusoh's eye pad

Mok Tze Meng, "I know what you up to.. I can see you... hahaha"

Mah Hassan vs Mok Tze Meng... a must watch game... but Mok won the game and with a good time control too...

They are thinking hard and serious too..

"hmm.. "

"What is this? is this a Bishop or a Pawn?.. aiyoo"

The only female player playing..

Idris - a former Para Games Manila 2005 player

Fadli Zakaria "I can do this.. hehehe"

Friendly Match WSFFM Team VS Para Games 2008 Women's Team

On 5th January 2008 there was a friendly match held between WSFFM Team and the Para Games Ladies Team. The purpose of the tourney was to give a real tourney exposure to the players, and at the least prepare them for the coming games at Korat on this 15th January 2008. We are merely give them all the support that we can possibly give. The WSFFM players comprise of Haslindah, Khairunnisa and Roslina, but since we are lack of one ladies players, Roslina's husband agree for the match representing us the ladies...

All of us were adapting to the use of the braille pieces.. at first it confuse us, but in the end we finally get used to it... My thanks to Haslindah, Abd Haq and Roslina for the cooperation in coming for the match. It does help in further preparing the team for the coming event. Thanks to Para Games ladies coach - Asmah Ahmad Hambadley and Team Captain - Latiff Muhammad for the friendly match date.

Hope after this all coach will do the best in making things right for the team.. (Shamsudin, Rizal, Hashim Jusoh, and Fadli).. All chess fans all over Malaysia are all behind you guys for all the support that you need! Jia you Jia you!!

"Beware the stars are coming to town"

Haslindah vs Moira, and Khairunnisa vs Fieqah

Haq vs Chan Mui Lan and Roslina vs Norain Fatihah

"In deep thoughts..."

Concentrating till the end....